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Shop Setup, Tools, and storage,... Lasers and 3D printing

I have started re-organizing the shop and tools for better availability and to take up less workspace.  While not complete and still on the edge of messy, it is past due time for an update. I have kept my Mac mini (2014) running in the shop for now, but I have changed to a smaller Dell display that is mounted on the wall over the review K40 Laser (there will be a series of posts on that soon) I am testing the Comgrow middle-size enclosure for my Xtool D1 laser.  More on that later! One of the most significant changes is moving my supplies and tool storage to "portable"  containers.  I am using the Ridgid system from Home Depot.  I started with a couple of stackable open-top bins and expanded with two boxes for fasteners, a go box with tools, a mid-sized box for the single-purpose power tools, and a rolling box with the high-power tools.  These all stack and lock together.