The Thrill is Gone Ryobi


A couple of years ago, I started trying to save money by moving some of my shop tools to Ryobi.  Most of the 40v outside tools have done rather well.  But the 18v tools are causing me more and more trouble.

Let me start out with the ONE+ 18V Cordless Multi-Tool.


The first little problem is the rubber pad with the logo.  It is falling off; yes, this is minor, but really.

The next problem is the tool mounting system.  The process for attaching the tools is hard to do and it is slow.  Another annoynance, that keeps on giving!


But the final insult is that the power switch was getting harder and harder to turn on.  Until now, it is stuck off.  At least the other annoyances are no longer a problem.

I feel a change in the wind....


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