Adding Laser Engraving to BobsToolShop!




One of my customers needs to engrave some materials for his business. I am prototyping a setup in my shop that we will duplicate at his office. I have worked with another customer on their CO2 laser system and computing equipment so I am familiar with the systems and process. We will be using the xTool D1 10-watt LED laser in this setup. I have the 20-watt laser on pre-order.

I have received the material orders from xTool, and I am waiting for my Spring Special order to ship!

I have re-configured my small shop space with two in-expensive 24x36 shelving units I purchased from Menards in preparation for the laser. My power tool storage is now on these shelves, and things are neater. I moved my 3D printer to the right side with a countertop under it.

On the second set of shelves, I have enclosed one level, added lighting, and set up an exhaust fan that fits into the outside window of the shop for ventilation. A couple of Hue light fixtures are set up in the laser box. I have made a sliding front door for the box using 1/4 MDF and some leftover T&G oak flooring. I will cut a window in the door for a laser shield window. I am looking at putting a camera into the rack to monitor the Laser.

Here is a short slideshow of my progress.



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