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Xtool Air Assist Unbox and Setup

 My Xtool Air Assist kit arrived today.  I unboxed it and set it up on my D1.  The kit has everything you need, the instructions are good. I run the air line across the top of my "enclosure" leaving enough to let the head move around.  I would have liked a more flexible hose but it is fine for my install. I have not tried using it yet but here is a video of the setup and the air pump is running. I have to sort out the power cord routing and put a smaller board under the air pump.  It is interesting to note that there is no control on the air pump to vary pressure.  

First project on my XTOOL D1 Laser

 After assembled the Laser I set it in place in my rack and loaded up LaserBox Basic.  The software connected to the laser and updated the firmware with ease.   I grabbed the logo for the preschool where my my wife teaches part time.  Brought it into LaserBox , resized it for a test scrap of plywood. I used the default settings : Here is a picture right after the burn. I cut the board down and sprayed it with some clear matte finish   I then mocked up my logo for the back of the work.  This is NOT final copy. Then today I finished my logo and burned it on the scrap.  The image is 25 CM square, again default settings.  Ignore the partial burn above the logo as it was a test.

XTOOL D1 Spring Special Edition

 My production laser has arrived. This kit includes the 10watt laser module and a rotary with a separate adjustable stand. Here is a time-lapse unboxing: The new manual is very nice and makes assembly simple.  I did print some clips for the wires but decided to just follow the manual and use wire ties.   Here is a time-lapse of the assembly:

Adding Laser Engraving to BobsToolShop!

      One of my customers needs to engrave some materials for his business. I am prototyping a setup in my shop that we will duplicate at his office. I have worked with another customer on their CO2 laser system and computing equipment so I am familiar with the systems and process. We will be using the x Tool D1 10-watt LED laser in this setup. I have the 20-watt laser on pre-order. I have received the material orders from x Tool, and I am waiting for my Spring Special order to ship! I have re-configured my small shop space with two in-expensive 24x36 shelving units I purchased from Menards in preparation for the laser. My power tool storage is now on these shelves, and things are neater. I moved my 3D printer to the right side with a countertop under it. On the second set of shelves, I have enclosed one level, added lighting, and set up an exhaust fan that fits into the outside window of the shop for ventilation. A couple of Hue light fixtures are set up in the laser box. I have mad