First Mowing!


I have two lawns I mow mine and my in-law's next door.  They are both about 1/3 of an acre.  We are towards the top of a hill, and there are some minor slopes in the yards.  I set the mower at 2.5 inches in height, and I swapped between side discharge and mulching.  The grass is just starting to grow well as the ground warms up.

The cut is pretty even, and it does not appear to have much difference between side discharge or mulch.  The mulched grass pieces are around 1/2 in long.  When mulching, there is a strip of grass that lays down in the reverse direction.  You will see that in the photographs.

The mower is reasonably light to manage around the yard.  The power drive works well, but the three speeds available do not fit my pace.  Two are too slow, and one is WAY TOO fast!

The noise level is low compared to a gas mower, but you still need ear protection!

OF course, I am holding the battery use to the last.  I started with two fresh batteries and was able to mow about 80% of the two yards.  I dropped in a 5Ah battery to finish the second yard and ran that down to two bars on the indicator.  That, to me, is more than satisfactory.


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