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Ryobi 40 V HP Lawnmower Cutting Height Adjustment

  I am getting ready for my first run mowing the yards.  I have re-read the manual and found some confusion about mower height. The mower single adjuster lever has numbered slots for height.  It does not indicate the actual height.  There is no table in the manual. The following settings are what I measured with my mower. 1.5 inches 2.0 inches 2.5 inches 3.0 inches 3.5 inches 4.0 inches 4.5 inches The manual has a caution to remove Start Key and battery packs before adjusting the height. In general, I feel that a bit more caution is needed around this type of mower as it is simpler to start! Removing the Start Key and hanging it up in a safe place seems to be a good idea.  I also am thinking about purchasing a spare start key as a backup.

Setup and first run of the Ryobi 40V HP Lawnmower

  I have completed the setup and first look at the new Ryobi lawnmower.  Here is a video summary: The mower is ready to go, but the grass has to grow.  I will be back with much more on this mower. --Bob

Ryobi 40V HP Lawnmower Introduction

  The new Ryobi 40 HP Lawnmower is a significant step into the Ryobi 40V line of outdoor power tools.  I have set up the lawnmower and created some documentary videos to help others along the way. Here is my unboxing and setup timelapse: Assembling the Mower Operating this lawnmower is easy.  The mower runs on one battery at a time.  The Start key has to be inserted pointing to the battery you want to use.  It is good to remove the start key when the mower is not in use.  I will also be discussing battery safety and storage. This mower is part of my long-term home testing program!  Shortly I will post my visual manual videos on the blog!